Rebel Riders of the Ecopocalypse on their bikes are converging on London from all over the UK to spread the word and take part in the Extinction Rebellion starting 15th April 2019.

For more about the Rebellion, why we are rebelling and what the demands of the rebels are visit the various Extinction Rebellion (XR) websites and social media pages – or better yet make contact with your local XR group in person. The rebellion will not take place online – you need to be involved in person.

This site covers the various cycle rides, some will have their own blog sites or pages which will be linked on this page, others may be using this shared blog.

The rides known so far:

  • SouthWest – from Falmouth. This site.
  • South Central – from Southampton
  • South-East – from Brighton
  • East – from Norwich
  • North – from Grantham
  • NorthWest – from Oxford
  • West – from Bristol

There may be others – if your ride is not listed here, or there is no link, please send details to info@xr-rebelriders.uk so that we can add it.